Working From Home – Developing a Great Home Office

We all love the thought of being able to work from home – the freedom it allows, and the chance to take your time over your busy tasks and workload.  The important thing to sort out first however, is a good home office space in which to work.  If you are attempting to do good quality work whilst balancing a laptop on your lap at the sofa (while watching TV!) you probably aren’t doing your best work… Here is a guide to building a decent office space within your home.

Firstly, you do not need to have a separate room in which to place your office.  If you do have a spare room you could change into an office, then great, but this is not a given.  You will need a desk, a comfortable chair (which offers support for posture), light from either a window or lamp and space to store any paperwork.  This can be placed in a corner of a room such as the living room, or dining room.  Try not to put your office space in your bedroom though, as it wouldn’t be good for a relaxing sleep!