Woodland Decor Suits Country House Style

I have been staying right out in the country – my word, now I know where the phrase ‘out in the sticks’ comes from.  This house is surrounded by woods and as much as I love trees, it is a bit weird in the evening watching the shadows of the branches leaping across the garden.     The house is a stone school conversion with fabulously high valuted ceiling in the sitting room, arched beams across and a beautiful bay window with seat.  The proportions are superb;  no so huge that you can’t heat the place but spacious and comfortable.  The owners have bought all their furniture and effects brand new and that’s a rare luxury.  They decided on a theme – stags, hares etc. and it looks absolutely fabulous.  A really wonderful country residence with exactly the right colours to suit the different seasons – with those woods as a backdrop.  utter perfection in their interior design skills.