When Home On The Range Means Just That

When you get to realising you need that new cooker in your life, it can take a bit of organising to actually find the right model, and whether it will fit your kitchen and will there be any wiring or installation complications. . . .   I know this sounds trivial but the cooker is a major part of any household’s fixtures and fittings.  The furnishings of a home are the things that bind the bricks and mortar together and make a house into a home.  In the kitchen, this is none more so than the cooker – or the range, as they are more often referred to nowadays.   I family near me had an old gas range – must have been donkeys years old as it was in their kitchen when they bought the house 30 odd years ago.  It finally gave up the ghost last weekend and they are urgently seeking to replace it.  Complicated.  They can’t buy an electric version because that needs its own separate dedicated power supply to the house, which being a 1920s build, it certainly hasn’t got facilities for.   This is where experts in the field of design come into their own!