When Flaming June Takes On Another Turn

Ah the wonderful month of June – with the end of the spring equinox bringing the much hoped for sunshine and absolutely no flooding levels of rain.  Well in recent years we have had a fantastic array of hot Junes.  This year is turning out to be flaming June and not always for the right reasons.    There have been wild fires out of control in large parts of the moores around Manchester, causing a major headache – very hot sunny weather, serious shortage of rain and the location – with idiot members of the public breaking police cordons and being thoughless.  I don’t recall this sort of problem ever in my lifetime and I’m pretty ancient now!  Thank heaves we do usually live in a very safe and environmentally sound country.  We pay a lot for our rates, water rates, utilities etc. but they are generally the safest anywhere in the world.  Long may that continue.