Warming The Walls With Sunnier Hues

Knowing that spring is very much on its way, I was discussing the merits of various decorating options with a pal of mine.  Now she has a much larger house than mine and each of her main reception rooms are square and generally light filled.   My rather bizarre brain doesn’t work with the same logic that some others do – I can recall how her house is geographically located, and it hs always seemed to me that it starts and ends in the same direction as mine.  But somehow hers always looks sunnier and is certainly warmer.  So our decorating themes tend to differ accordingly.  I need the bright pale golds and creams which absorb and reflect the sunlight.   She on the other hand likes cool, dark blues and greens which represent calm shade – as was very necessary throughout the endless heat of last summer.   I like blue furnishings and curtains – but warmer walls!