Wall Removal For That Spacious Airy Idyll

There are some amazing interior design ideas out there – the magazines are absolutely choc-a-bloc with schemes using wide open rooms with all kinds of furnishings incorporated into sweeping designs.  The idea these days is to open up the house as much as possible.  Bo longer are we hapy with little rooms – snug, cosy, bihoux are just 3 phrases we hear repeatedly on the lifestyle programmes dedicated to removing ourselves from the humdrum city life and renewing ourselves with a country property.  Inevitably the property we eventually purchase will not be perfect at first asking – There is always a need to take out this wall, or widen that doorway.   some of the kitchens shown on one particular show, they are bigger than the ground floor of my home, but still a prerequisite with any house move. Ideas abound thick and fast online with interior design studios.  No excuse to be out in the cold domestic -wise!