Turning That Eyesore Into An Installation Of Note

When you’re having to work with old buildings, bringing them up to date with certain heating and utility requirements can mean some disfigurement along the way.  Take an old loft installation – maybe someone has now bought the top part of an old house and needs to have a complete new HCVA air duct.  If there is no way to hide it, and let’s face it, a 40cm duct going across the ceiling is pretty noticeable – so why not paint it really vibrant and exhilarating or calming pretty feminine shades – palest baby blue or candy floss pink.  There are other hues too that would be just as exciting lime green, or neon oramge for example.    There are purists who would have to paint theirs a non descript shade,grey or black, so as to match the furnishings underneath.   Sing the praises on high –  you’ve paid an arm and a leg for that HCVA air duct and by golly it’s worth that extra few digits to turn it from an eyesore into a feature worth scrutiny!