Temporary Design Theme for Seasonal Change

It would be really lovely to have a change of decoration and furnishings every time Christmas and new year comes around – but of course unless we have the kind of salary that accommodates these whims, this is never going to happen.   But there are ways and means of having a new theme when these seasons come around.   By retaining a plain colour palette on the walls, carpets and suite, it’s easy to get the most wonderfully festive throws to cover the suite to bring a sophisticated interior design for the temporary period.  They don’t necessarily need to be full on gawdy red and green, but many are available in golds and silvers, with an overlay of say red or green, this will convey the season’s colours.  Table decorations come in the form of long festive runners – by selecting one with the same colours as the sofa throws and cushions, it co-ordinates and adds a suggestion of organisation to an often otherwise level of mayhem.