Summer Introduces Storage Need Overload

This is definitely the time of year when we start thinking about more entertaining.  Lots of fok around for patio parties and bar-b-qs…….  that’s all very well but for the person who is responsible for keeping the house and garden in tip top visitor ready condition, it’s not so easy.  When  you have a busy growing family, try as you might to keep order and calmness about you, the teens may well cause a more than desruptive trend by not putting their stuff away and generally making the whole place look and smell grim.  This is when you could rally do with some new interior design ideas.  Like a great deal more storage . . .   In the hallway, if it’s narrow, implement a rule that bans all school and sports bags.  Shoes on the shoe rack, school coats and blazers hung up, on hangers or begs, not on the floor.  In the main reception rooms there has to be an element of tidy order and a welcome to all who enter that door.  Putting adequate storage in will definitely help.  The books on their shelf and records/cds in their compartments.  It all helps to make the home more visitor friendly!