Socially Distanced Home Design Lessons

We all need a bit of a lift after some of the most difficult weeks and months of our lives.  Obviously there will still be many folk in their late 80s and 90s who lived through the second world war and current restrictions and public announcements bring back a whole new raft of memories.  Unlike living through the war, they’ve had the opportunity to sit watching much more tv than they usually would – many programmes about house decorating or do it yourself home renovations have really taken off big time and there are hoardes of families all getting stuck in to making good that shabby sitting room or renovating the rather delapidated bathroom.  It’s amazing how much interior design information can be gleaned from experts who show us how they ripped apart this house or that flat.  They do seem to be a bit gungho at times but their enthusiasm and general building regulation knowledge is usually quite reliable.