Sleek Feline Adds Oomph To Interior Design

I have often wondered whether folk really do choose their pets to enhance their own happiness or just to make their choice of home furnishings and decorating and interior design ideas stand out.   I know of at least two families just near here who have ‘invested’ in rather fancy breeds of cat and thinking about their home decor, from memory, I can safely say that both cats will sit very nicely in their homes as part of the a very soft furnishing theme!  One of the cast is long haired, with wide rather vague stripes of a pinky ginger shade over a base of palest blonde.  I’m amazed the cat is still lurking around, it looks very expensive to buy and care for.  The other cat is a very pretty Persian, a smokey sultry feline with the most esquisite piercing blue eyes.  I was shaken rigid when I was visiting that house recently and accepting a cup of coffee, nearly sat on the creature which was curled up next to a furry cushion on the large 5 seater wrap around seating . . . .   My goodness did we both get a shock, but her effect as a piece of living interior decor was most effective!