Sea Change In Decor Colours Coming Up

Colour themes come and go – every few years something really exciting will take over the decorating world big time.  Such as a few years ago, the grey/black/grey/red theme seeped through every single magazine and home decor article.  We couldn’t see anyone’s house on the daytime tv leisure channels without being treated to views of new kitchens with banks of stainless steel appliances with black tiles on the surrounds.  The floors would be a mix of black or white mirror glass effect and all accessories, soft furnishings and window dressings had to be in grey, black or a combination – with bright red thrown in for good measure.   That theme never looks classy in the banks of photographs on sales brochures or estate agent online sites either.  So what to go for now – I see there is a definite nautical hue in the air.  Pale duck egg blues, darker petrol blue/green shades.   Back to the seaside any one?