Scandi Taking Over From Hunting & Shooting Theme

I have been noticing a distinct whiff of scandinavian air in the newer decorating and interior design features of regular magazines I suscribe to  these days.   There’s the country style of living that I’ve got into – mostly since some really good friends have moved right out literally to the middle of nowhere.   There is a very different way to looking at life for them now.  They do find themselves trying to support their nearest market town instead of just clicking and buying everything online from the big supplier in the sky.  They have a very pretty little town a few miles away and it has several wonderful independent outlets.   They happily offer the sort of thing that you just don’t get in the out of town massive conglomerates.   Their themes have gently moved from the usual regulation heavy waxed jacket and posh welly to a much more relaxed scandi feel – lots of seascapes featuring in the furnishings and wallpapers available.  The colourways have that misty sea look – mystical and definitel not Blackpool!    It’s a wonderful breath of fresh air after the lockdown miseries.