Quintessential English House Delight

You know when you’ve entered a house of distrinctive design.  Although before that, the front entrance and kerb appeal will hint to you about what to expect in the property.   Has the front got beautiful windows, with gables or just plain setting but with attractively set lead panes?  Has someone committed the grossest sin – taking out gorgeous old lead panes and replaced with those awful white plastic ones?  It’s a strange thing but I cannot find it in my heart to forgive the heathens who do that!  The front door and entrance porch is essential for setting the right tone at the beginning.  A pretty 1920s style house in an English village should have that quintessential oak door with gabled roof over the porch.  Lead pane windows either side of the front with perhaps a set of three windows following the line of the stairs that sit beyond that enticing wall!   So many wonderful items that make up the whole and all so easily achieved if we only have the wit and wisdom to seek them out.