Online Lifestyle Magazines Jolt Me Into Action

I have been thoroughly enjoying a new past time . . . No exercise gear needed, no trainers or outdoor jackets.  Definitely don’t need the car.  No energy required at all.  Just a comfy sofa, pouffe for putting legs up, and my now very trusty tablet. . . .   I have subscribed to an online magazine reader site and it has simply revolutionised my life.  I am so impressed with the sheer number of publications available and having selected yet another exciting title, i find there are about a year’s worth of back copies to leaf through too.   This has been especially helpful where the decorating and home lifestyle glossies are concerned.  I start off with the latest issue and read every article – I am able to scan the page quickly and particularly interesting items get closer look – they often refer back to items in back issues.  It has really inspired me to get on and upgrade my own furnishings and decor this year.