Make Your Home Seem More Expensive…Easily!

We all want our homes to look great, feel great and make our neighbours jealous (!) but we do not all have the hefty budgets to work with.  Here are some ideas to help you make your home seem much more luxurious than it actually is…

  1. Add in plenty of extra touches – from piles of cushions on the sofa, to multiple curtain panels and rugs throughout the home, adding in mixed textures and fabrics can make your home seem more luxurious.  There are lots of budget friendly places to buy cushions and rugs, especially online so it is worth shopping around for the bargains.
  2. White walls, dark floors – for some reason, white walls and dark wood floors will always look lux, even if they are cheap as chips to do!
  3. Minimal ornaments – you might love your collection of china cats, but they don’t exactly scream high class – if you are going to have ornaments, try looking out for super minimal glass or wood sculptures and ornaments which look high end at high street prices.