Lifting The Furnishing Mood In Winter Months

The way we look at furnishings will change as the seasons progress through the year.  In the dark months of winter we will probably not be looking into buying that  palest of pale cream sofa, matching chair and ottoman suite we saw in the nearby home emporium.  Nor will we be rushing out for the toning pale creams and pastel hued curtains or other window dressings.  Although our minds look forward to spring time when the sunlight encourages lighter surroundings, winter itself time making walks and travel rather damp foggy and muddy, makes darker shades more accommodating of these conditions.  So when to buy – obviously we are not going to be purchasing a whole new scheme each half year – delightful as that would be.  However, picking out one or two darker areas in the winter home with brightly coloured lampshades on table lamps, or if room permits, a statement floor lamp to cascade brightness around.   A single light coloured leather recliner always lifts a room, so long as it tones rather than clashes with the major seating ensemble.