Give Your Room A Properly Finished Look

When you feel the need for a change in your home style, it can be very tempting to rush out and do a blitz of all the huge out of town diy and decorating empriums.  Coming back with sample cards, paint colours and fabrics all look very exciting and there’s that general buzz of ‘let’s get on and do this . . . . ‘   Then the reality creeps in.  Keeping up that momentum is the most difficult part, especially if, like me, you’re not actually very gifted in the home decorating stakes.    When the initial thrill of the idea has dulled a little, step back and decide which rooms need your attention  most and concentrate on it/them.  Take a really good look at the first one – standing in the doorway, allowing yourself a good span of the room, look from left to right, up and down.  If you do this two or three times during the same day, you will note where the sunniest and shadiest areas are and how your current furnishings could perhaps be moved, and made more of a feature if rearranged.  If your curtains have different shades or a pattern, and are still very useable, pick wall emulsion in one of the hues and choose that for new cushion covers and an exact match with a sofa throw.  These small efforts can make a tremendous difference until you can afford that professional finish from an interior designer studio.