Furnishing Frenzy Goes Up A Gear

Funny how the rapidly approaching yuletide always brings out the sentimental side for some reason.  Normally we wouldn’t be seen out with any fluffy or cosy – life is for living, but at an adult and very mature way.  But when the winter comes and the christmas adverts start bearing down on us, we seem unable to resist buying in to the  advertisers’ dream world.  We find it necessary to decorate the house or order a completely new three piece suite with matching ottoman and Dad chair.  Or perhaps for a change, instead of the new furniture failing to arrive until a week after the big day, we could vary the prospects for trauma and order up new window dressings and matching soft furnishings.  Interior design deas come thick and fast when we are shut indoors in front of an imaginary real coal fire.   And we’ve had a lot of being shut indoors this year – not only because of the weather conditions.