Fresh Interior Design Ideas Light Up Internet Chat

I’ve just been chatting to a very dear chum of mine from way back.  Although we’ve had to part our ways many times over the intervening years,  it’s the kind of friendship where we just pick up where we left off every time we reconvene.  This is particularly helpful when we’ve spent more than a year actually apart, perhaps corresponded by a few emails and the odd call.  Something that has made all the differene is being able to speak over the internet with sight !  Wow, what a difference that has made.  We can not only ogle at how old each of us has got . . . .  but we can also see the surroundings the other end of the wire.   Fantastic changes in their interior design have taken place and I could see it all as soon as he picked up the laptop and gave me a 360 degree tour!  This was how the ideas came to his family from the online interior decorator planning department.  Fantastic!