For Downsize Read Massively Expand

Some of the programmes on daytime tv at the moment are very old repeats of the good old ‘houses bought on auction, done up and sold on for a mint’ or couples who are downsizing and moving to the country.  This always amuses me, when in the introductory blurb the family say they have no need for the massive family home any longer as the children have flown the nest, so downsizing to a cottage in the country is he plan . . . . . . .  However, once inside the chocolate box thatched dream, the reality of this comes crashing around their ankles.  We hear every time the woeful “oh no, this kitchen’s nowhere near big enough” or I want a table/sofa in my kitchen”.    One presenter, showing remarkable fortitude and forebearance, was heard to boldly mention the word Compromise in severeal connected sentences.  Remding madame that their plan had included the words ‘chocolate boxy cottage’ and ‘downsizing’.  It’s hilarious.