Even Easier Keeping Up With The Jones’s

I travel around to visit relatives and contacts all over the home counties – to some rather attractive and capacious houses that in the late ’70s and through to the ’90s, seemed distinctly modern and of their era.  We were greatly influenced then by up and coming entrepreneurs – the high flyers just beginning to show how to create a business and by golly, how to make their millions from it.  The designers of the day would be featured in the small handful of dedicated magazines – these coffee table editions would only be seen in the posher waiting rooms, at a good doctor’s surgery or whilst waiting to see your lawyer, that sort of thing.   This is because the only folk needing the ideas were in fact doctors and lawyers, financiers and businessmen’s wives.   Now it truly there is a much wider expectation amongst families from every background to be able to pick up a home magazine and get exactly that design of chair and have just the same dresser or dining set in our homes.   There is a much more level playing field for the players who work hard and want to achieve their dreams.