Enter The Fresh Lemon & Lime Hues

We generally think of spring time as optimum for decorating and generally making changes to the happy household.   Naturally the sunlight streaming in does show the marks and grubbiness that may have collected during those duller months since those happy summer holidays.   In the winter we tend to work, eat, congregate round the tv for the evening . . . . . .  not a great deal of painting or decorating done.  This is usually because the light is much less;  it’s often very damp and cold, neither of which are conducive to a good decorating finish.  When it’s cold, we have to have the heating on and this affects the way we work – you cannot paint around hot radiators.  Dampness  just in the air makes things twice as long to dry out too.  The fresh spring light awakens the spirit too – brings forth natural optimism that we are about to start afresh.  Pale yellows and greens seem to be on trend this year, if the hundreds of homestyle magazines are any kind of guide.  Fab.  Just what we need too.