Enter Citrus Green & Vibrant Yellows This Season

It may well be knee deep inpretty fuffy snow outside, but the magazines out now, happily spreading across every newsagent’s shelving will portray a lovely sunny easter sunday morning.   The publications of course have to work a year in advance – this seems absolutely crazy to think about.  How anyone can get into mood and know what will be the fashion more than a couple of months before has always been a mystery to me!  This year I note that vibrant yellows and citrus greens are the hues to aim for.  There is obiously a group of interior designers in with the paint and fabric suppliers, this concensus of opinion must be a major decision across a multi faceted industry otherwise each maazine, and there are over twenty home and furnishing / antique / lifestyle magazine out there to ensure paint and fabrics are available to put this into practice!