Divine Ginger Decor With Lashings Of Cream

I had the good fortune to meet up with the most glorious looking cat whilst I was away on my hols this year.  I was happily sunning myself on a pal’s balcony – overlooking their very grand patio and pool area, minding my own business and generally noting the fantastic new decor and whizzer furnishings when a loud whiny meow uttered forth from what I had assumed was a gorgeous but freakily real cushion.  In fact the home design although including much faux fur, actually did include the real thing.  A fantastic ginger cat – when it got up and stretched its four lovely long legs, it was the most wonderful specimen I’ve ever seen.  Wonderful markings, beautiful red shades in immaculate pattern.  I couldn’t take my eyes off it and seriously wondered if mine hostess, a notes doyenne of home decor had indeed had this creature conjured up and sprayed the exact shad to match her wonderful patio ensemble!