Colour At Last To Lighten The Mood

Something I’ve noticed in recent weeks is the swing over from the ghastly grey themes that have swamped every single furnishing and decorating emporium have now abated and we have luscious spring and summer hues abounding.  It is a fabulous change and long overdue.  I’ve not really been aware of the length that those who decide these things decide they’ll keep a theme for.  The grey / black / red schemes having taken such a solid hold, I did wonder if we would ever get back to normality.  It felt to me rather like it would have been if the novel 1984 had really come to fruition.   That aside, we do have jolly yellows and fresh greens in all the magazines.  In fact, this air of bon homme has affected the clothes sectors too.  I am an avid magazine reader, online of course.  I look at every mag there is for all sorts of subjects – colour is definitely my thing!