Buying Homes At Auction Fires Up Interior Design Plans

There is no denying that the arrival of spring has raised the tempo in most omes – especially the homes with youngsters in who watch the million and one tv channels that contain lifestyle progroammes and their parents who catch up with the homes channel themselves.  There is one particularly inspiring programme following the purchase of properties by auction.  The format remains rigidly the same – we see the house at point of sale, usually in a poorly decorated or maintained condition – quite often uninhabitable through misuse and dereliction.  We then view the auction and meet the ‘lucky’ buyers who give a hint of their plans for the place.

The wonderful part of the show is always the big ‘reveal’ when the cameras go back after an agreed number of weeks.  Just seeing the transformation inspires so many other families to set to on their own house – same process but without the hassle of selling it and moving!