Blob Testing Proves Valid Colour Match

There are various ways of achieving the main purpose in a decorating and refitting exercise at home.  Firstly you have ideas coming at you on tv, maybe the lifestyle programmes.  On the shelves of the local supermarket, we see many glossy magazines offering enthusiastic make over schemes.  So ideas come thick and fast.  How to get to the end product though.

Getting paint and paper samples from the local diy store is a great starting point.  Trying out different blobs of colour on various walls within room will give a good indication as to what the actual colour will be in different lights – dawn, midday, afternoon etc.  Keeping that in mind, it will be necessary for an item of furniture and a piece of the planned curtain fabric to be placed near by each test blob too for the same lighting test.   Some fabrics change characteristic completely when the evening lighting comes on!