Better House Designs Are Very Achievable

When you buy a new house built by a major house developer, you very rarely think that the kitchen may not suit your needs.  Usually we are so overcome with excitement at the prospect of a lovely shiny brand new home that we don’t ever consider whether the sink is where we’d put it, or whether the bathrooms have adequate storage in them.   In both these cases, if I’d had my wits about me some years ago, I might well have taken steps to change one or two aspects before the builders had got too far into the project.   It’s all very well getting nice furnishings, ordering your bed and buy bedding online to make the rooms look lovely, but it still doesn’t work if the layout is off. Developers are well known for cutting corners and putting in the cheapest bulk purchased styles of basins, sanitary wear, kitchen cabinets etc.   It wouldn’t take much money per house for them to sit and think about how a nice new house could turn into a spectacularly well designed home!  Most designers are men though !