Adverts With Smart Themes & Schemes

There are some truly awesome advertisements on tv these days.  Admittedly they’re less likely to be still keeping us in raptures in another forty years time as so many of the very old product ads still do.  Who can’t remember the lovely woman from a particular stock cube company who was only just married in the first years of the campaign. Gradually she and her dear busy husband had one baby, then a suitable time later, along came the second.  No more.  They were the perfect capsule family.  This idea was continued in other products.  The main telecommunications company used a famous actress to promote their services – she had some really clever lines.  Absolutely nothing at all to do with the product but they cleverly captured our minds and hearts and it was indeed very successful for twenty odd years.    The decorating style of ads is too a powerful subject.   If we see a gorgeous room setting or a set of really useful wardrobes, we immediately go out and try to copy – being able to have it now is the name of the game.