A Change Of Decor Can Be Truly Refreshing

You can always tell when Christmas is over and the New Year has finally tiptoed away . . .  the television advertisers go absolutely mad with one brand after another with their suggestions for d.i.y projects to be completed or started afresh.  Then we have the new bed brigade.  Nowadays they seem to come complete with fancy velvet headboard, drawere divans etc.  No excuse for a lack of storage space for us to put our newly purchased bed linens in.  There is certainly a great self improvement thrust on now too.  NHS help for smokers to give up;  Gym memberships, diet plans and dating sites all shouting and jostling for our attention, especially to shake us out of that late afternoon dozy slumber!  Now is definitely the time to look at the colour charts, check out those furniture sales and continue through the year with a refreshing change of our views – almost therapeutic!