Getting Those Furniture Items Matched Perfectly

When you’re looking at the subject of home interior decor, it can cover a range of possibilities.  Furniture itself can be classed as either soft or hard – for example a luscious all enveloping and squashy sofa is a piece of soft furniture and an essential one at that.  The matching armchairs are rather harder and yet they’re all needed to make that essential scheme.  The curtains and window drapes, bedroom linen and ottoman covers are all soft furnishings.  Interior design takes practice.   Getting a new dining table is not as easy as just popping into your local furniture super store.  Checking the height of the tables on offer is essential.  As I found a few years ago when I got a little carried away and ordered the dining table to match the fabulous upmarket sideboard I’d spotted in a sale. . . . . .  Once I’d had both  installed in my dining room, I realised immediately the existing chairs did not suit anywhere nearly as well as I’d imagined in the store.   They were now too low and looked rather clumsy – the new table is a wee bit higher than the old.  So back I went to source six new chairs.