london blinds

Styling Your Bedroom Windows

Style your bedroom windows beautifully with these amazing London blinds which add a touch of luxury to your windows. It is important to take into consideration the look you want to achieve, whether you wish to block out the light or allow a soft sheen to appear across the room as the sun rises. Some people prefer to have roman blinds, while others like the look of a venetian blind to gently dapple the light into the room.
bespoke shower enclosures

Make Your Shower Great Again

Doing over your bathroom can make a huge difference to your property, adding immense value to the home and making it a lovely place to relax and enjoy. Sometimes, the space we have in the bathroom can be a touch limiting, so it may be appropriate to look at bespoke shower enclosures in order to get your shower to fit in seamlessly. This is a great way to use the space you have to your best advantage and adds a really stylish finish to your bathroom space.