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Styling Your Bedroom Windows

Style your bedroom windows beautifully with these amazing London blinds which add a touch of luxury to your windows. It is important to take into consideration the look you want to achieve, whether you wish to block out the light or allow a soft sheen to appear across the room as the sun rises. Some people prefer to have roman blinds, while others like the look of a venetian blind to gently dapple the light into the room.
bespoke shower enclosures

Show Off Your Favourite Places

A great way to draw attention to a cause or area you love is by displaying a flag! You can buy flags online from a supplier such as House of Flags which can create your bespoke design for the flag of your dreams. It is a good idea to see the different styles you could have so you can match your decor accordingly.

Lifting The Furnishing Mood In Winter Months

The way we look at furnishings will change as the seasons progress through the year.  In the dark months of winter we will probably not be looking into buying that  palest of pale cream sofa, matching chair and ottoman suite we saw in the nearby home emporium.  Nor will we be rushing out for the … [continue…]