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Styling Your Bedroom Windows

Style your bedroom windows beautifully with these amazing London blinds which add a touch of luxury to your windows. It is important to take into consideration the look you want to achieve, whether you wish to block out the light or allow a soft sheen to appear across the room as the sun rises. Some people prefer to have roman blinds, while others like the look of a venetian blind to gently dapple the light into the room.
bespoke shower enclosures

Show Off Your Favourite Places

A great way to draw attention to a cause or area you love is by displaying a flag! You can buy flags online from a supplier such as a flag shop which can create your bespoke design for the flag of your dreams. It is a good idea to see the different styles you could have so you can match your decor accordingly.

Delightful Surprises: Unveiling the Best Fruit Baskets for Every Occasion

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be challenging, especially when you want to strike a balance between uniqueness and thoughtfulness. Thankfully, fruit baskets have emerged as a popular and versatile option, providing a delightful surprise for any occasion. From birthdays to housewarmings, let’s explore the best fruit baskets that will impress even the hardest-to-shop-for recipients. … [continue…]

Gleaning Home Ideas From Overseas Postings

I always like to swap my master bedroom furnishings around when the seasons change.  If I can get the manpower, the bed is moved across the room to face the window – I like to be greeted by as much of the early winter rays as possible.  There’s something about the different light that I … [continue…]